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Technical Support Specialist

Mercy For Animals

Mercy For Animals


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About the Role

Employment: Full-time, CLT - Remote
Directly Responsible: Global Logistics Board
Location: Sao Paulo, SP
Purpose of the position: Act in the solution of problems related to physical and virtual spaces and tools, acting in direct contact with the team; monitor, analyze and propose improvements in security (physical and virtual), compliance and performance of Mercy For Animals environments and tools.
* Provide remote technical assistance and support for problems and questions related to systems, software or hardware ;
* Plan and deliver training related to Mercy For Animals systems, software and hardware ;
* Perform daily support tasks assigned by supervision; 
* Perform day-to-day tasks related to managing the physical space of the Mercy For Animals office in Brazil and our global virtual tools;
* Respond (or forward to responsible persons) to all correspondence directed to Mercy For Animals in Brazil, including voicemails, emails, phone calls and mail, as well as managing receiving and sending shipments when necessary;
* Maintain and manage an inventory of the organization's electronic equipment and manage software licenses ;
* Perform technical and logistical support tasks with sending, receiving and configuring equipment, related to the integration and dismissal of people from the team in Brazil;
* Provide logistical support for events held by Mercy For Animals in Brazil;
* Comply with all Mercy For Animals policies and procedures;
* Perform other activities requested by supervision.
Minimum requirements:
* Technical level;
* Relevant experience in technical assistance, support and administration of systems and equipment;
* Proficiency in office software , including Google Workspace (mandatory) and macOS (highly desirable);
* Demonstrated problem-solving skills on Google Workspace (mandatory) and MacOS (desirable);
* Willingness to learn new processes and use new software ;
* Ability to work well in a team, demonstrate initiative, good deadline management, good customer service and represent Mercy For Animals in a professional manner;
* Attention to detail and organized work style;
* Willingness to travel;
* Verbal and written fluency in Portuguese;
* Advanced English in writing and conversation;
* Support for the Mercy For Animals philosophy and ability to professionally represent the organization's positions;
* Commitment and openness to continuous personal and organizational growth in principles of diversity, equity, inclusion and justice;
* Alignment with the mission and values of the organization.

About the Organisation

Mercy For Animals aims to construct a compassionate food system by reducing suffering and ending the exploitation of animals for food. We envision a world where animals are respected, protected, and free. As a leading farmed animal advocacy organisation, we know that achieving this goal requires a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative work environment—one that welcomes and sparks new perspectives and innovative ideas. If you are passionate about our mission, driven to make a big impact for animals, and eager to be part of a dedicated team, join us!

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