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Senior Lawyer, Latin America

Mercy for Animals

Mercy for Animals


Government, policy, lobbying, or legal







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About the Role

We are currently seeking a Senior Attorney to join the Legal team. You will play a high-impact, mission-critical role collaborating and advancing Mercy For Animals' legal efforts in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America, to advocate for animals confined to farms and ensure the organization's legal compliance in all areas. aspects of its operations.
You will do invaluable work :
* Providing legal support to the Investigations Department through the necessary study of all relevant laws and regulations, and addressing any legal issues that arise during investigations;
* Assisting in the organization's demands to take appropriate legal actions related to investigations, including reviewing investigative material and offering support to authorities;
* Reviewing the organization's campaign materials from a legal point of view;
* Through relevant legal advice, supporting the Volunteer Department in demonstrations, events and in processes that involve volunteering;
* Proactively researching, developing and implementing legal initiatives, including notifications, lawsuits and complaints to government agencies;
* Drafting and reviewing contracts and any other legal document;
* Supporting the Latin American Legal Counsel on government compliance and labor issues;
* Addressing any legal and legal issues that arise during the daily operations of the organization, including providing legal research and legal studies, advice and other legal or legal assistance, as requested by team members;
* Developing and delivering training for staff on legal and corporate issues;
* Provide legal support in the organization's relations with the press and in external collaborations;
* Creating and maintaining close working relationships with different legal professionals and other animal protection organizations;
* Managing Mercy For Animals' relationship with external legal professionals, in all Spanish-speaking Latin American countries, in which the organization carries out activities;
* Following all Mercy For Animals administrative and operational policies and procedures;
* Carrying out other activities assigned by the supervisor.

About the Organisation

Mercy For Animals aims to construct a compassionate food system by reducing suffering and ending the exploitation of animals for food. We envision a world where animals are respected, protected, and free. As a leading farmed animal advocacy organisation, we know that achieving this goal requires a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative work environment—one that welcomes and sparks new perspectives and innovative ideas. If you are passionate about our mission, driven to make a big impact for animals, and eager to be part of a dedicated team, join us!

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