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LEAFS Fellowship

Mercy For Animals

Mercy For Animals

Chicago, Illinois, United States


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About the Role

The LEAFS Fellowship will take the form of three Chicago-based retreats in November 2024, January 2025, and March 2025. It is open to those working at (or seeking to work at) the intersection of animal justice, food justice, and people power.

The LEAFS Fellowship will bring together 18 leaders for individual learning, collective capacity building, and collaboration. In addition to feeling more empowered, connected, and supported, fellows will deepen their understanding and skill in the following areas:

- Advocacy
- Building shared power (leadership, organizing, and action)
- Communication and digital skills
- DEIJ—diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (working across difference)
- Effectiveness over the long haul (resilience, planning, and self-management for individuals and teams)

Fellows must work or reside within 150 miles of Chicago, and must work full time in one of the following sectors, or exercise significant leadership in a grassroots project or campaign in Chicago or the greater Chicago foodshed: social justice, nonprofit, public, or academic.

Applicants will be evaluated on the following:
- Involvement, achievements, and experience in organizing, food justice, or animal justice
- Goals and vision
- Passion, skills, and desire for growth

The LEAFS Fellowship is a fully funded program. To help remove barriers and ensure equitable participation, we offer a need-based stipend for individuals who might otherwise face financial barriers to attending. Stipend amounts are determined on a sliding scale from $500 to $1,250, depending on a participant’s level of need.

Learn more and apply at

About the Organisation

Mercy For Animals exists to end one of the greatest causes of suffering on the planet: the exploitation of animals for food, in particular, industrial animal agriculture, aquaculture, and fishing. These forms of food production cause egregious animal suffering and have detrimental effects on the planet and people.

Rooted in the vision of a food system that is good for all beings, the LEAFS Fellowship is a leadership-development program for emerging social-change agents in the Chicago foodshed working at the intersections of animal justice, food justice, and organizing.

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