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Food Policy Sales Lead, Europe & the Americas

Lever Foundation

Lever Foundation


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About the Role

As a Sustainable Food Policy Sales Manager, you will build relationships and collaborate with leading global and regional food companies (restaurant chains, caterers, retailers, hospitality groups, and packaged good companies) to help them implement stronger animal welfare policies for their supply chains. Over the past five years Lever Foundation has helped over one hundred companies set such policies, including Burger King, Starbucks, Papa Johns, Costa Coffee, Ahold Delhaize, METRO, COSTCO, Subway, Marriott, and many others. In this role you will help head up these efforts for all companies based in Europe and the Americas.

Day to day work entails educating key decision-makers at large food companies on the sustainability, animal welfare and economic benefits of making these supply chain shifts; providing industry updates; connecting these companies with potential suppliers; and providing other resources to help them understand and make progress on the issue. In order to identify and engage new food companies, you will do online research, write and send emails, make calls, hold video conference meetings, and conduct in-person visits and meetings. Your work is essentially sales work, with many of the typical dynamics of sales work, except rather than selling a product or service you will be selling an idea: the idea that a stronger animal welfare / food sustainability policy is both desirable and achievable.

You’ll work from home and hours are highly flexible. You’ll have wonderful colleagues in the US, Europe, and Asia who will work with and support you. You’ll stay in close touch with them through calls, emails, messages and meetings. Through this work you'll have hands-on experience working with leading multinational food companies on corporate sustainability, the ability to travel in Europe and the U.S./Canada, strong network-building in the food and corporate sustainability space, and room for advancement to managerial or other positions.

About the Organisation

Lever Foundation is a global non-profit that works to promote sustainable food policies in Asia and globally, with a focus on farm animal welfare and plant-based foods. We work with a wide range of leading global and regional food companies to persuade and assist them with setting sustainable food sourcing policies that improve animal welfare and sustainability. Learn more about us online at:

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