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Mgmt responsibilities: 


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About the Role

* IT support
* Handle service requests and incidents
* Manage the computer park and update the inventory
* Manage the user accounts, the groups and the permissions associated
* Ensure the commercial relationship with the suppliers
* Prepare and animate for onboarding / offboarding IT
* Prepare and animate the presentations of the team's work

* Management of the project
* Manage internal IT projects (IT) and external (client teams)
* Gather needs from client teams and write project specifications
* Search, compare and present available technical solutions
* Tester, integrator and deployer of the solutions retained
* Evaluator commercial offers and quotes
* Write minutes of meetings

* infrastructure
* Administrator and maintenance of the association's internal IT tools
* Administrator of the Google Workspace domain and the MDM platforms
* Administer network hardware
* Ensures a permanent new technological

* security
* Manage infrastructure security settings
* Participation in the definition of the rules of IT security
* Ensure a permanent watch on cyber-maliciousness and software and hardware vulnerabilities

* quality
* Manage the calculation of the IT equipment and the accounting follow-up
* Participation in the improvement of the internal processes (IT) and externals (client teams)
* Fair respect for the quality and security procedures
* Design and update the catalog of products and services
* Write and update documentation (KB, process)
* Write activity reports

About the Organisation

L214 is an association for the defense of animals. Mainly known for her filmed investigations in farms and slaughterhouses, she brings together a range of activities aimed at reducing the suffering inflicted on animals and reducing the number of animals killed. The association is now made up of more than 90 employees working from home , with two coworking spaces available to them, one in Paris and one in Lyon.

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