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Influencer Manager




Marketing or communications







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About the Role

Main missions
- Implementation and monitoring of the association's influence campaigns.
- Creation and management of the network of content creators and personalities.

You may be required to perform other tasks depending on the needs of the team or association.

Required Skills
Experience : you have more than 2 years of professional experience in the field of influence.
Communication: you are comfortable speaking and writing.
Social Media Knowledge : You have a solid understanding of all social media, their usage and trends.
Expertise of content creators : the world of content creators holds no secrets for you. You already have an address book and will be able to make proposals immediately.
Organization : you will know how to manage the projects that are entrusted to you. Agile, you know how to navigate between different projects and deal with emergencies.
Knowledge of our association and the subjects covered : the subjects covered by our association, and more generally of the animal cause, are familiar to you.
English : You know how to communicate in English, both written and spoken.

About the Organisation

L214 is an association for the defense of animals. Mainly known for her filmed investigations in farms and slaughterhouses, she brings together a range of activities aimed at reducing the suffering inflicted on animals and reducing the number of animals killed. The association is now made up of more than 90 employees working from home , with two coworking spaces available to them, one in Paris and one in Lyon.

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