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About the Role

* Plan with the fundraising officer appeals for generosity from the public and communications with donors.
* Implement part of the communications and coordinate the work of the internal or external teams concerned: determine the subjects of the communications and the criteria for dissemination, write the messages, ensure their formatting and their sending.
* Ensure the quality of the relationship with the members in consultation with the person in charge of their individual follow-up.
* Take charge of writing communications dedicated to members making monthly donations.
* Propose improvements to fundraising tools.

Secondary missions
* Participate in the reflection on the fundraising strategy and the resulting action plans (prospecting, acquisition, donor loyalty, implementation and/or revision of procedures).
* Suggest ways to improve the collection tools and the existing member area.
* Participate in the collection of relevant data and analyze it regularly.
* Ensure regular reports and present the main results of the campaigns internally.
* Respond to requests from donors on an ad hoc basis (back-up from the member relations officer during her absence)
* Conduct regular monitoring of news and fundraising practices.
You will be able to carry out other complementary tasks according to the needs of the team or the association.

About the Organisation

L214 is an association for the defense of animals. Mainly known for her filmed investigations in farms and slaughterhouses, she brings together a range of activities aimed at reducing the suffering inflicted on animals and reducing the number of animals killed. The association is now made up of more than 90 employees working from home , with two coworking spaces available to them, one in Paris and one in Lyon.

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