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Coordinator of the Generosity Team




Fundraising or development






Middle or junior management

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About the Role

Main missions
Your position will include two main missions. On the one hand to coordinate the team currently in place, on the other hand to reinforce the missions of prospecting and management of donations.

Lead and support the Generosity team
The management system at L214 is participatory. It promotes autonomy, exchange, listening, shared decision-making. It is based on the values of responsibility, benevolence, cooperation, pragmatism, humility and reliability shared within the association.
You'll have to :
* co-construct the strategy and action plans related to fundraising (prospecting, acquisition, loyalty of donors, testators and testators, management of donations, administrative management, implementation and/or revision of procedures);
* coordinate the actions of the team and support its members.

Publicize the possibility of requests

L214 donors have expressed the wish to be able to bequeath part of their heritage to L214 after their death. This possibility is still little known. One of your missions will be to publicize this possibility and participate in the support of those interested, to establish personalized, lasting and sincere relationships.
* Contribute to informing and promoting the possibilities of support and generosity with regard to L214 through the publication of articles, brochures, attendance at congresses, etc.
* Inform and monitor potential testators, enrich profiles and feed the content of the database with information collected during meetings with them in compliance with the rules governing personal data (Data Protection Act) and beyond, with a constant concern for ethics.
* Prepare donation files and ensure coordination for their acceptance by the Board of Directors.

Manage the management of donations

In general, guarantee the processing of donations in accordance with the wishes of the testator or the testator and the commitments made and in compliance with the legislation and internal procedures. Supporting the development of skills in this area of the team members already present is a mission in its own right.
* Supervise the processing of donation files (donations, requests, life insurance, etc.), contribute to the analysis of the estate and the valuation of movable and immovable property from the opening to archiving (movable and immovable ); track assignments.
* Share your knowledge and experience with your teammates, inform the donations committee and the board of directors of disputes if necessary.
* Ensure coordination with the donations committee and the competent board of directors.
* Ensure a legal watch on the evolution of the legislation and regulations of private law, in particular in the law of successions, associations and endowment funds, as well as applicable case law.

You may be required to perform other additional tasks depending on the needs of the team or association.

About the Organisation

L214 is an association for the defense of animals. Mainly known for her filmed investigations in farms and slaughterhouses, she brings together a range of activities aimed at reducing the suffering inflicted on animals and reducing the number of animals killed. The association is now made up of more than 90 employees working from home , with two coworking spaces available to them, one in Paris and one in Lyon.

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