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Innovate Animal Ag

Innovate Animal Ag

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About the Role

In this role, you’ll own large parts of Innovate Animal Ag’s core programs–from identifying new technologies to support, to deeply researching and understanding the bottlenecks to their development and adoption, then developing and executing plans to alleviate those bottlenecks.

About the role
- Full-time
- US applicants only
- This role is either based in Berkeley, CA, or remote with the capability of coming to Berkeley on a regular basis.
- As a new organization, our compensation policy is under development. A rough range for base compensation is $80K-$140K

- Lead primary and secondary research on cutting-edge technologies in animal agriculture to deeply understand their technological readiness, market status, impact on animal welfare, and value proposition to producers
- Lead stakeholder outreach efforts to develop a strong network of businesses and institutions
- Generate insights around the bottlenecks to the development and adoption of these technologies
- Develop nonprofit-appropriate strategies to alleviate these bottlenecks, whatever they may be
- Figure out how to quickly and cheaply test whether these strategies will work
- Execute and scale the strategies that prove to be most promising
- Lead strategic initiatives and special projects as they arise
- Help out wherever else there is a need

About You
- You have a strong commitment to our mission of improving animal welfare through technology.
- You have a track record of stellar achievement in some field.
- Applicants from a wide variety of backgrounds may be suitable for this role. Some backgrounds that may stand out include:
- Previous experience in management consulting
- Previous experience in early-stage startups (especially ones in the physical rather than digital world)
- Previous experience in ag (especially animal ag), or food (especially novel foods)
- Previous experience in sales, business development, product management, investment, or strategy in the for-profit sector
- You are excited to work in an early-stage startup nonprofit environment. This means:
- You have an entrepreneurial drive, are ambitious and anti-complacent.
- You thrive in environments with lots of ambiguity and little structure.
- You are eager to do whatever task is needed most, even if it is boring or inglorious.
- You are comfortable with repeatedly failing, learning, and adjusting (then failing again).

If you’re interested, please send a resume and a short personal essay (<1 page) to In your personal essay, be sure to mention your relationship to our mission, and why you want to work at Innovate Animal Ag. Item description

About the Organisation

Innovate Animal Ag is a nonprofit think tank that promotes technology as a practical way to solve the biggest challenges in farmed animal welfare. They work collaboratively with farmers and agribusiness to develop and implement cutting edge technologies in animal agriculture that can directly help animals. Their first focus area has been bringing in-ovo sexing into the US, to stop the culling of hundreds of millions of male chicks each year. Directly because of their work, the first US egg producer recently announced in the New York Times they would begin using the technology in 2025.

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