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Entrepreneur in Residence

Innovate Animal Ag

Innovate Animal Ag

United States

Operations, administration, HR, project management, finance or accounting







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About the Role

Innovate Animal Ag seeks an ambitious business leader to help build a new for-profit company based on our research. We’ve identified a number of promising whitespaces in animal welfare technology that could serve as the foundations of successful businesses, and which could massively improve animal welfare. In this position, you will work alongside the Innovate Animal Ag team to vet these ideas, with the eventual goal of spinning out a new for-profit organization that seeks to improve animal welfare through technology. This new business would have access to Innovate Animal Ag’s investor network, and the full support and resources of the organization. Stipends are available based on need.

Note that this business would not be directly competitive in any of the areas in which Innovate Animal Ag currently works (e.g. in-ovo sexing, on-farm hatching).

Our ideal candidate:

Has an unshakeable passion for our mission of improving animal welfare through technology

Has a track record of stellar achievement in some field

Is comfortable working directly with animals in order to develop technology that

Is an entrepreneur at heart. To us this means:

Ability to thrive in an environment with lots of ambiguity and little structure

Eagerness to do whatever task is needed most, especially in the less glorious areas

Ambitious and anti-complacent

Comfort with repeatedly failing, learning, and adjusting (then failing again)

If you’re interested, please reach out to

About the Organisation

When it comes to innovation in animal welfare, we believe incentives are aligned across the value chain. Consumers have shown that they care about the health and welfare of farm animals, producers have an incentive to meet consumers where they are, and technology companies have an incentive to help producers meet this demand. That’s why we work collaboratively with every part of the industry to help bring new innovations to market.

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