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Specialist, Public and Corporate Policy - Farm Animal Protection

Humane Society of the United States

Humane Society of the United States

United States

Campaigns, corporate engagement, or volunteer management







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About the Role

In this position you will help support corporate and legislative efforts relating to farm animal welfare. You will also focus on eliminating the extreme confinement of farm animals, in particular the use of battery cages and gestation crates. Finally, you will use corporate and legislative strategies to reduce the number of animals used by and killed for industrial animal agriculture.

You will be responsible for:
* Coordinating legislative efforts by providing information, garnering endorsements from elected officials and supporters, canvassing, and phone banking;
* Assisting in leading campaigns by lobbying elected officials and testifying to government committees to encourage them to pass positive legislation and ordinances that supports animal welfare;
* Collaborating with State Directors to develop and implement tactics to advance animal protection practices in their respective states;
* Working with the public and corporate policy team to maintain relationships with major U.S. food corporations to persuade and influence incorporating animal-friendly practices and policies in their supply chains, including but not limited to enacting policies that eliminate battery cages, veal crates, gestation crates, and other top tier abuses within the factory farming industry along with policies to increase plant-based options;
* Working with the public and corporate policy team to maintain relationships with corporate executives in the food, agriculture, and finance industries in order to influence and negotiate animal welfare policies;
* Drafting campaign materials such as reports, fact sheets, op-eds, LTEs, talking points, and online materials to be distributed to the public that supports and/or explains ballot measures and potentially harmful legislation;
* Building and coordinating coalitions of organizations dedicated to animal welfare, food safety, environmental protection, and human rights, as well as other allies, in the fights for our legislative priorities;
* Providing initial analysis of legislation to determine the impact on priority initiatives;
* Reviewing and monitoring non-priority and defensive bills related to animal welfare policies and acts if needed as changes arise;
* Collecting, organizing and maintaining information regarding laws, ordinances, and legislative efforts;
* Completing and submitting Lobbying Reports as required by the organization’s policies and procedures;
* Partnering with the Communications department on action alerts, share graphics, and other items requesting supporters to contact lawmakers;
* Identifying ways to continuously improve processes and become more efficient;
* Performs other duties or responsibilities, as assigned.

About the Organisation

The humane society we envision for animals will also be a better world for people, and it’s only through human efforts that we’ll get where we want to go. Because our advocacy is driven by people, we’re strongest when our people are empowered and valued. A work environment that fosters inclusion and collaboration energizes our teams, drives better thinking and makes our impact for animals more sustainable. Working with communities and stakeholders around the world, we integrate a wide range of cultural perspectives in our approach to create a humane and sustainable world for all animals. We are committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in every aspect of our work and at all levels of our organization. We recognize and respect the full spectrum of human qualities, so that the unique talents of all employees are dignified with equitable access to opportunities and an ability to contribute to our mission.

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