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Senior Graphic Designer

Humane Society of the United States

Humane Society of the United States

United States (Washington, DC)

Web design, graphic design or video







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About the Role

In this position you will conceptualize and design print and digital creative for marketing and fundraising visual communications for print and digital channels and other projects for the HSUS and affiliates. You will serve as lead designer on specific projects and coordinate with Art Directors and Designers to maintain project schedules to meet all assigned deadlines. You will also communicate with programs and staff across the organization.

* Works independently to conceptualize and design print and digital creative for marketing and fundraising communications, and other projects for the HSUS and affiliates. Serves as lead designer on specific projects;
* Efficiently facilitates communication between Communications and Brand, Marketing, and programs using Jira, Confluence and by email;
* Coordinates with Art Directors, Graphic Designers and Senior Production Coordinator to create and maintain project schedules to meet all assigned deadlines;
* Preflights projects to ensure they meet project specifications and vendor requirements;
* Promotes internal brand awareness through staff education, brown bag presentations and direct meetings with programs. Engages and inspires staff to apply the brand vision in their daily work. Assists staff in using branded templates;
* Provides feedback and direction to freelance designers in order to maintain high quality design and brand standards. Collaborates, critiques and brainstorms with the Brand and Visuals team on strategy for design and branding across all channels;
* Performs other duties or responsibilities, as assigned.

About the Organisation

The humane society we envision for animals will also be a better world for people, and it’s only through human efforts that we’ll get where we want to go. Because our advocacy is driven by people, we’re strongest when our people are empowered and valued. A work environment that fosters inclusion and collaboration energizes our teams, drives better thinking and makes our impact for animals more sustainable. Working with communities and stakeholders around the world, we integrate a wide range of cultural perspectives in our approach to create a humane and sustainable world for all animals. We are committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in every aspect of our work and at all levels of our organization. We recognize and respect the full spectrum of human qualities, so that the unique talents of all employees are dignified with equitable access to opportunities and an ability to contribute to our mission.

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