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Enterprise Solutions Engineer

Humane Society of the United States

Humane Society of the United States

United States








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About the Role

In this position you will  be  managing and optimizing our constituent relationship management systems, ensuring the seamless flow of information, and leveraging technology to enhance our donor and volunteer engagement efforts. Your expertise in enterprise systems, data management, and analytics will play a crucial role in supporting our mission to improve the lives of animals and strengthen our relationships with our constituents.  drive the vision, strategy, and operations for all enterprise solutions in support of the constituent experience. Working with the Advancement, Data Analytics, and Technology teams to develop, and execute plans for system enhancement and maintenance.

You will be responsible for:
* Driving vision, strategy, and roadmap for systems across the enterprise. Executing against that strategy and vision. Consolidating technology solutions across the enterprise, synchronizing business needs with technology systems and driving accountability for business owners in each solution area;
* Maintaining and improving upon the current technology inventory and capability listing as the organization grows and evolves;
* Overseeing the implementation, customization, and administration of the core enterprise systems that house constituent data;
* Developing and maintaining data entry protocols, workflows, diagrams, and dictionaries, ensuring consistency and adherence to data management best practices;
* Collaborating with cross-functional teams to identify and implement system enhancements, workflows, and automation to streamline processes and improve efficiency;
* Providing oversight for projects associated with all systems containing constituent data. This work also includes all syncs between these systems and replication to the data warehouse. Evaluating new requests for Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that staff wish to connect to constituent systems. Guiding the team responsible for data integrity and security along with system access and permission levels, which includes regular audits of system users, administrators, automated syncs, and bots;
* Collaborating with the Director of Infrastructure, managing the development and maintenance of technology governance for the enterprise technology disciplines: data, application, and infrastructure;
* Serving as a SME for any system-related inquiries, troubleshooting issues, new technology requests, and liaising with technical support when necessary;
* Providing training and support to staff members on system usage, best practices, and data entry guidelines;
* Ensuring compliance with data protection regulations and maintain confidentiality and security of constituent information;
* Staying informed about emerging trends, updates, and features in enterprise technology, recommending and implementing enhancements as appropriate;
* Performs other duties or responsibilities, as assigned.

About the Organisation

The humane society we envision for animals will also be a better world for people, and it’s only through human efforts that we’ll get where we want to go. Because our advocacy is driven by people, we’re strongest when our people are empowered and valued. A work environment that fosters inclusion and collaboration energizes our teams, drives better thinking and makes our impact for animals more sustainable. Working with communities and stakeholders around the world, we integrate a wide range of cultural perspectives in our approach to create a humane and sustainable world for all animals. We are committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in every aspect of our work and at all levels of our organization. We recognize and respect the full spectrum of human qualities, so that the unique talents of all employees are dignified with equitable access to opportunities and an ability to contribute to our mission.

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