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Senior Manager, Institutional Engagement - INDIA

Humane Society International India

Humane Society International India


Campaigns, corporate engagement, or volunteer management






Senior management

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About the Role

This position will lead the institutional engagement vertical of the Farm Animal Protection department in India which strategies and supervises implementation of Humane Entrepreneurship Program and corporate outreach work to promote refinement, reduction and replacement of farm animals in food industry. This position is also responsible for overseeing staff of the vertical.
Strategy and oversight of institutional outreach
* Strategizes the development of and oversees implementation of a program to get institutions including leading national and multi-national hospitality companies and food retailers, conglomerates, providers, manufacturers, and processers to adopt higher welfare standards including cage free and plant-based initiatives.  
* Develops and maintain partnerships and advise and influence leading global and multi-national hospitality companies and food retailers, providers, manufacturers, and processers including but not limited to developing policy statements, organizing and participating in farm visits, working with in-country coordinators to organize and lead corporate animal welfare roundtables and technical workshops.
* Advises and influences egg and meat producers to shift to higher welfare cage-free and other higher welfare housing systems.
* Develops collaborations and partnerships with relevant organizations to advance the global corporate policy work; collaborates with relevant animal protection organizations, among others, to align strategy, messaging, and corporate asks where possible
* Manages the development of customized plant-based initiatives for the largest food service conglomerates, including but not limited to in-depth plant-based proposals, recipe development and recipe tracking, promotional materials, training and curricula for foodservice professionals, presentations, web site text, guides, and standard operating procedures
* Engages with government stakeholders and policy makers to promote the development of public policy and support for plant-based alternatives.
* Establishes and maintains relationships and negotiates, alongside the engagement leads, with the largest food service conglomerates to adopt plant-based initiatives
* Provides internal guidance and training to the largest food service management companies, as needed, including but not limited to designing new plant-based training curriculum, on-demand videos, and training manuals, to ensure food company goals at the account level are understood and implemented.
* Represents HSI/India at and organizes roundtables, meetings, webinars, and other events for target corporations to increase awareness and gain plant-based pledges.
* Identifies data development and research opportunities and collaborates with subject matter experts to develop research through surveys, RFPs, and grants/sponsorships with the scientific community.
Humane Entrepreneurship Program management
* Strategizes, designs, and oversees the management of the Humane Entrepreneurship Program (HEP) within the Farm Animal Protection department.
* Identifies and maintains working relationships with humane businesses.
* Engages with Government bodies to promote humane businesses.  
* Engages with investors, venture capitals and funds to create funding opportunities for the humane entrepreneurs.
* Develops standard operating procedures, modules and guidance materials for humane businesses to improve animal welfare practices in animal production systems.  
* Serves as a spokesperson for the organization at coalitions, associations and partnerships arising out of capacity building activities.
* Develops and reviews documents relating to HEP’s media strategy.
* Serves as a spokesperson for the organizations at conferences and events sponsored by business organizations.  
Staff Management
* Manages the staff and helps them achieve their goals, including providing staff with guidance and advice, training, performance management, leadership development and career development.
* Assists the Director, Farm Animal Protection with hiring strategy for the department, drafting job descriptions, interviewing candidates for positions including but not limited to employees, consultants, intern and/or volunteers and trains them as necessary.
* Works in collaboration with Director, FAP and operations department to facilitate smooth operations of financial, administrative, and travel processes.
* Oversees the implementation of projects by interns and volunteers.
* Performs other duties or responsibilities, as assigned.
* Bachelor degree or equivalent work experience required.
* A minimum of seven (7) years of work experience preferably in the incubator or start-up sector required.
* Management/supervisory experience preferred.
* Experience in preparing technical documentation, specifically, the ability to extract key messages and information and compress them into prose that fits the requirements of various digital/social formats.
* Strong project management skills.
* Superior knowledge of farm animal protection issues
* Ability to lead and guide staff to meet department and organizational goals. Strong knowledge of staff management practices. Flexible, willing to learn, and anticipates the needs of self and staff.
* Ability to set a positive tone for employees during their day.
* Comfortable in a fast-paced environment with frequent deadlines; high energy, self-motivated and proactive.
* Ability to manage issues requiring problem resolution and conflict management with excellent interpersonal and intervention skills.
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including public speaking and negotiation skills.
* Ability to quickly absorb and communicate complex subject matter to a variety of audiences.
* Ability to work patiently and astutely with different stakeholder groups and in multicultural and multilingual environments.
* Ability and willingness to travel, as needed.
This position is in India

About the Organisation

The Humane Society International (HSI), an affiliate of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the nation’s most effective animal advocacy organization, is seeking a Manager, Humane Entrepreneurship Program for HSI India Campaigns. In this position you will develop and implement the Humane Entrepreneurship Program with external stakeholders.

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