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Program Manager, AI for Animals










Senior management

Mgmt responsibilities: 


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About the Role

In this role, you will be responsible for developing an emerging field at the intersection of AI and the welfare of animals and potentially sentient digital minds.

- Manage high-value relationships and make strategic decisions about program priorities to maximize impact in this niche area.
- Facilitate regular online meetings for coalition members, ensuring cohesive project coordination and minimizing unnecessary duplication of efforts.
- Maintain and grow our website, Slack channel, and monthly newsletter while exploring additional channels to spread awareness and engage stakeholders effectively.
- Organize the annual conference/retreat, overseeing all aspects from planning to execution, and recruit/manage volunteers to support various initiatives.

- Salary: $50,000 - $70,000/year (pro-rated for part-time)
- Location: Remote (global - San Francisco, US preferred)

About the Organisation

Originally started in early 2023 as an AI focused channel on the Hive (formerly known as Impactful Animal Advocacy) Slack by Constance Li, AI for Animals has grown from a side project into something that more represents an organization with a website, a coalition, a newsletter, and an international conference/retreat which also included digital minds. The reception to our work has been enthusiastic and we were recently able to get enough funding to start hiring for a full-time role. Previously, the work was mainly done pro bono by the founder. Now we are looking for someone to more formally develop and execute a strategic vision for this project.

AI for Animals is a project by Hive, which is a community building organization for the farmed animal advocacy movement that also grew from a small side project in 2022 to an organization with an international team of 5 backed by funders like Open Philanthropy, Lush, Craigslist, Humane America, and more. Hive consists of a thriving slack community with 2,500+ members, a widely subscribed to movement-centric newsletter, resource guides, and events. We operate through a strategic do-ocracy where each member is given high autonomy to develop their own initiatives.

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