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Technical Consultant

Global Food Partners

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About the Role

The role of the Technical Consultant is primarily to provide scientific guidance and technical assistance to Indian egg producers transitioning to higher welfare cage-free production systems, in collaboration with GFP’s Science & Extension team and the Program Manager, Producer Engagement – India. The Technical Consultant is expected to visit egg farms, conduct farm assessments, and provide technical assistance and scientific expertise. The role will involve travel to farms and walking through the farms to inspect the flock, features within the housing facility, and overall management. It will also involve providing consultancy to cage-free egg producers and producers considering adopting cage-free systems.

The role of the consultant is primarily to assist GFP's Science and Extension team in the delivery of on-farm consultancy services as part of our work to support the transition to cage-free egg production systems and improve layer hen welfare in India. This role will involve working remotely with an international team geographically dispersed in different countries and will involve both desk and field work, travel, and long periods of sitting and walking.

About the Organisation

Global Food Partners (GFP) is a Singapore-based multinational consulting firm that works with leading food and hospitality businesses to implement and maintain high animal welfare and responsible sourcing policies to improve their profitability and sustainability, with a focus on cage-free egg sourcing and production.

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