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Corporate Engagement Manager

Global Food Partners

Global Food Partners

China - Shanghai or Beijing

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About the Role

The Corporate Engagement Manager will be responsible for developing and managing long-term corporate relationships to support their transition to higher welfare cage-free egg sourcing. The role involves both desk and field work, including organising and participating in industry events and leading corporate & key stakeholder meetings throughout the country.

Scope of work
Key job responsibilities of the Corporate Engagement Manager include:
1. Developing and managing corporate relationships with current and potential clients and other stakeholders in China, including food retailers, food processors/manufacturers, restaurant groups, food service providers, hospitality companies, airlines, egg suppliers and industry associations;
2. Serving as the main point of contact for corporate contacts and clients in China;
3. Supporting corporate clients in the implementation of their cage-free egg sourcing policies;
4. Supporting with language interpretation during presentations, calls, interviews, and other interactions with Mandarin-speaking stakeholders;
5. Assisting in the development, translation and review of Chinese language resources (presentations, corporate proposals, materials, publications, and others);
6. Serving as a spokesperson for GFP in meetings, media interviews, and public speaking engagements such as webinars, seminars, workshops, and conferences, to promote further engagement with potential clients from the food and hospitality industry, and garner greater visibility for the company;
7. Collaborating with other team members in China and throughout Asia to advance GFP goals and projects;
8. Identifying and leading new and existing opportunities to advance GFP’s work in China, including through partnerships and participation in corporate events; recruiting high-level speakers and participants;
9. Organising and leading corporate events such as industry roundtables and working groups;
10. Building and maintaining a database of Chinese food & hospitality businesses, industry associations, and other relevant industry stakeholders; and
11. Any other tasks assigned by the supervisor.

About the Organisation

Global Food Partners (GFP) is a Singapore-based multinational consulting firm that works with leading food and hospitality businesses to implement and maintain high animal welfare and responsible sourcing policies to improve their profitability and sustainability, with a focus on cage-free egg sourcing and production.

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