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Corporate Engagement Lead

Global Food Partners

Global Food Partners

Japan (Tokyo)

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About the Role

The role of the Corporate Engagement Lead (Japan) is primarily to assist GFP's corporate policy team, engaging and working with food and hospitality industry leaders to implement their cage-free sourcing policies in Japan.

Scope of work
Key job responsibilities of the Corporate Engagement Lead include:
* Lead outreach to and work with food and hospitality businesses (including food retailers, food processors/manufacturers, restaurant groups, food service providers, and hospitality companies) to source cage-free eggs and implement their cage-free policies in Japan.
* Build and maintain long-term partnerships with above-mentioned stakeholders, working with decision-makers, sustainability, procurement, and other relevant departments at these companies, to help them implement their cage-free policies.
* Proactively and creatively identify and develop new and existing opportunities for strategic partnerships with above-mentioned food businesses.
* Work with the food and hospitality industries to ensure they have appropriate guidance and resources to successfully transition to higher welfare supply chains, with a focus on cage-free egg sourcing.
* Work with egg producers to ensure they have appropriate guidance and resources to successfully transition to higher welfare production practices, with a focus on cage-free egg production, when requested by GFP’s Science & Extension team.
* Develop GFP’s brand in terms of corporate interest and raise its profile and reputation as a sought-after corporate partner and a leader in the field.
* Serve as a point of contact for corporate contacts and other stakeholders in the country.
* Assist in the organisation of corporate-focused workshops, events, and other engagement initiatives.
* Provide language support when necessary, including translation and interpretation of materials, and at events, and meetings.
* Other duties as assigned by the corporate engagement director and/or the country lead.

About the Organisation

Global Food Partners (GFP) is a Singapore-based multinational consulting firm that works with leading food and hospitality businesses to implement and maintain high animal welfare and responsible sourcing policies to improve their profitability and sustainability, with a focus on cage-free egg sourcing and production.

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