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Agriculture and Climate Finance Intern

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth

United States (Washington D.C.)

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About the Role

Friends of the Earth seeks an intern for its Agriculture & Climate Finance Program, which fights for shifts in public and private finance that support a just transition away from chemical-intensive monocropping and factory farming to ecologically regenerative production of plants and a sustainable amount of pasture-based, higher welfare animal production. As part of this, we work to convince U.S. banks and multilateral development banks to reduce financial flows to industrial livestock and stop the expansion of factory farms.

About the Organisation

Friends of the Earth (FOE) is a national not for profit environmental organization driven by passion for a healthier and more just world. We push for the bold reforms that are needed. It’s an approach that has worked for five decades to produce important victories that help protect our planet and its people. We’re part of Friends of the Earth International, a federation of groups working in more than 70 countries on today’s most urgent environmental and social issues. 

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