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Research Communicator

Founders Pledge

Founders Pledge

United Kingdom, Germany, United States

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About the Role

We’re looking for a Research Communicator to join us in order to help us drive donations to high-impact charities, communicate our worldview and research methodology, and shape the conversation around effective giving. You’ll be an integral part of our Research team, but you’ll also work closely with partners across Founders Pledge including our FP Comms team and our professional philanthropic Advisors. Ultimately, you’ll be responsible for bridging the gap between research and impact. Success in this role will mean the donation of tens of millions of dollars more to high-impact charities.

Find out more about our our Approach to Charity and How We Think About Charity Evaluation.
You’ll be the Research team’s in-house communications expert, shaping our research into legible and persuasive writing for Founders Pledge members, the media, and the general public. In this varied role, you’ll be flexing your writing abilities, turning quantitative research into digestible comms, and building relationships with the media and other thought leaders. You’ll also have the freedom and autonomy to write and pitch original pieces that support FP’s mission.

You’ll be responsible for:
* Turning raw research products into polished, publicly shareable writing that remains technically accurate, while also clear and persuasive for the lay reader. These internal products include grant evaluations, research memos, and cost-effectiveness analyses.
* Working with internal stakeholders at Founders Pledge, you’ll develop language used to pitch charities to potential donors, explain FP’s “house view” on methodological questions, and handle common objections.
* Collaborating with our Comms team to ensure our research communications outputs complement the broader Founders Pledge comms strategy and align with our brand.
* Writing compelling content for FP’s website. You’ll turn our research into web content and blogs, social media posts, supporting materials for senior stakeholders attending events, etc. You’ll rewrite our research reports or sections of research reports for wider consumption.
* Media outreach. You’ll help pitch specific publications to the media. This could be traditional news media, but also podcast hosts, influential bloggers, and academics.
* Generating original pieces packaging research insights for a wide audience. You’ll do this both in partnership with researchers on the team and independently, as the sole author of such pieces.
* Responding to media queries on questions relevant to FP’s research.

About the Organisation

At Founders Pledge, our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to do immense good. Since launching in 2015, we’ve raised over $10 billion for the most impactful social causes. We offer the simplest path to impact for successful entrepreneurs, providing end-to-end giving infrastructure, pioneering research, and access to a worldwide network of experts. In other words, we help tech leaders become strategic philanthropists. Our 1700+ members include the people behind industry-leading companies such as Airbnb, UiPath, Dropbox, Skype, Spotify, and Uber.

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