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Executive Assistant to the CEO

Food System Innovations

Food System Innovations

United States (San Francisco Bay Area)

Operations, administration, HR, project management, finance or accounting







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About the Role

The Executive Assistant to the CEO’s primary overarching responsibility is to facilitate the CEO being able to spend time as effectively as possible to achieve the mission of the organization.

This includes taking on tasks of all types in order to free up the CEO’s time or make that time more effective for mission work. This includes general research projects spanning a variety of topics, dealing with third-party vendors and systems, maintaining spreadsheets/databases of organizations, various tasks as they come up, and some personal tasks all of which will free up the CEO’s time for mission work.

Work will involve some physical errands as well (checking PO box, bringing supplies to events, etc.).

About the Organisation

Food System Innovations is dedicated to creating a more sustainable, humane, and equitable global food system while creating value for all stakeholders.

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