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Fish Welfare Technology Co-founder

Fish Welfare Technolog Company

Fish Welfare Technolog Company



Operations, administration, HR, project management, finance or accounting






Senior management

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About the Role

I am seeking an impact-driven entrepreneur, preferably with a background in electrical engineering. However, I'm also keen to connect with individuals experienced in hardware startups or with business and administration expertise. Even if you don't fit these exact profiles but believe you could contribute meaningfully, I'd be happy to meet with you!

About the Organisation

A distressing number of aquatic animals are subjected to inhumane slaughter methods. Although exact figures are unavailable, estimates indicate that around 124 billion farmed finfish are slaughtered annually, with an additional 1.1 to 2.2 trillion from wild capture. For farmed crustaceans like shrimp and lobster, the numbers reach approximately 400 billion, and a staggering 25 trillion for wild-caught counterparts. These animals often endure prolonged suffering through suffocation or ice-induced hypothermia. Less than 5% of finfish and an even lower percentage of crustaceans are stunned before slaughter.

There is technology available to stun aquatic animals and alleviate their suffering. Farmers have several incentives to adopt these technologies, including support from animal welfare groups like the Shrimp Welfare Project, which provides this equipment as an intervention. While current technologies are effective, they are often unnecessarily expensive. There is also significant potential to research and develop new technologies for underserved markets, such as smaller farms and wild-caught fisheries.

Leveraging my background in maritime and offshore engineering and recent research into Mediterranean aquaculture stunning practices, I am inspired to establish a company focused on designing and manufacturing technology that prioritizes animal welfare. This venture aims to reduce animal suffering, drive industry innovation, and lower costs, presenting a robust impact opportunity whilst also being interesting from a business perspective .

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