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Field Manager

Fish Welfare Initiative

Fish Welfare Initiative


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About the Role

Completing our Field Manager application may lead to placement in any of the following managerial roles:
* Fish Welfare Officers support the development of our welfare standard through research, testing, and evaluation.
* Program Coordinators support our farmer work by managing data collectors in one particular region.
* Farmers Program Managers support our farmer work by managing program coordinators across multiple regions.
Though responsibilities vary somewhat by the specific role, our field managers will generally be tasked with the following:
* Manage 1-10 staff members
* Build and maintain strong farmer relationships
* Ensure regular and high-quality data collection and entry
* Run on-the-ground trials to test out practices that may be better for fish welfare
* Enroll farmers in the Alliance for Responsible Aquaculture
* Become an expert in aquaculture and fish welfare
* Collaborate with local NGOs and other partners
* Regularly articulate the benefits and value of animal welfare in aquaculture

About the Organisation

Fish Welfare Initiative (FWI) is a startup organization whose mission is to improve the welfare of fish as much as possible. We focus specifically on farmed fish, i.e., fish raised in aquaculture. We collaborate with corporations, governments, and producers to improve fish welfare standards and practices.

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