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About the Role

Do you have a passion for social science research, animal advocacy, and the work that Faunalytics does with our library and resources? Apply to be our next Content Manager by July 31st.
Faunalytics is now accepting applications for our Content Manager! Our Content Manager is responsible for overseeing and maintaining Faunalytics’ Research Library, supporting other team members with developing and editing public-facing content, and working alongside the Content Director to drive the overall vision and execution of Faunalytics’ content plan. 


* Research Library
* Gather salient and relevant research articles from various sources to be added to the Research Library database, ensuring there is a good mix of animal issues represented.
* Oversee the weekly summary schedule on WordPress.
* Read and edit summaries from volunteers, ensuring that all summaries are accurate and written at Faunalytics’ standards for tone and clarity.
* Occasionally summarize time-sensitive research reports to be added to the Library outside of our typical publishing flow.
* Update older Library entries that do not conform to Faunalytics’ current standards and format.
* Work with the Content Director to oversee the weekly email alert, including finalizing the content lineup and editing for accuracy and clarity.
* Work with the Communications Manager to upload and post translated library summaries in WordPress.
* Support Content Director in website accessibility initiatives.
* Blog
* Maintain and monitor the blog schedule, ensuring the Content Director has a steady flow of high-quality, relevant blog topics.
* Serve as the primary author (with Faunalytics as the public author) of the annual Year In Review and Plans & Priorities blogs.
* Edit guest blogs as needed.

* Visual/Non-Written Resources
* Ad hoc enhancement of our library summaries and blog posts with graphics, charts, and factsheets.
* Support occasional graphic design tasks on an ad hoc basis.

* Content Plan
* Support Content Director in planning and execution of Content Vision & Roadmap.
* Identify and pursue new content opportunities that will position Faunalytics as animal advocates’ go-to destination for evidence-based support, including webinars and tutorials, “101” guides, podcasts, and other capacity-building resources.
* Oversee the initiative to add “archival” materials to the Library, with the goal of summarizing major reports, books, and classic papers that have informed the history of the animal protection movement.
* Occasionally post SEO-aligned articles with the goal of attracting new and relevant readers to Faunalytics. 

* Supervisory Responsibilities
* Oversee library volunteers (assign tasks, edit work, engage regularly).

* Other
* Support other team members with ad hoc content support (e.g., editing research papers, guest editorials, fundraising materials, and other public-facing content as needed).

About the Organisation

Faunalytics' mission is to empower animal advocates with access to research, analysis, strategies, and messages that maximize their effectiveness to reduce animal suffering.

Animals need you, and you need data. We conduct essential research, maintain an online research library, and directly support advocates and organizations in their work to save lives. The range of data we offer helps our movement understand how people think about and respond to advocacy, providing advocates with the best strategies to inspire change for animals.

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