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Operations Coordinator

Factory Farming Awareness Coalition

Factory Farming Awareness Coalition

United States

Operations, administration, or HR








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About the Role

As the operations manager/coordinator at FFAC, you’ll be assisting the director of operations with the management of day-to-day operations of a growing organization that empowers tens of thousands of students a year to end factory farming. 

The job will be a full-time, remote position requiring some travel.

Skills Required (non-negotiables):
* Impeccable time management and prioritization abilities
* Understanding of financial management and accounting principles such as tracking revenue and expenses as well as managing payroll
* Have experience working in or overseeing recruitment and applicant tracking systems
* Have an analytical mind and proactive resourcefulness that excels at rooting out problems, identifying solutions, and successfully implementing them 
* Be conversant in workplace technology such as payroll systems, CRMs, Google Workspace, Asana, and Airtable
* Be able and willing to work remotely/independently
* Have a strong grasp of English grammar and punctuation, as well as written and verbal communication that you imbue with incisive and emotional intelligence
* Have the ability to effectively resolve conflicts
* Have worked in an operations position for a minimum of 1-3 years

Other requirements (non-negotiables):
* Desire for honest and direct critique and interest in growing from it
* Be able to consistently and happily see beyond your ego to make the best decisions for the mission
* Be excellent at not missing details or deadlines
* Love working hard for a mission you deeply care about—while understanding how to differentiate between working really hard (good) and unsustainable self-sacrifice (not so good)
* Share vegan values

Compensation and benefits: 
* Starting annual salary of $40,000-$45,000, depending on qualifications
* In addition to a collaborative and innovative work environment, full-time hires will be able to take part in our benefits package, including 
* Health insurance 
* Unlimited paid time off after your first year (with a mandatory two week minimum)
* Eleven paid federal holidays
* Generous sick leave
* 401k
* Budget for continuing education and conferences 
* Phone, internet, and computer reimbursement

About the Organisation

What do we do?

FFAC is a growing nonprofit that educates people across the country on factory farming’s devastating impacts on people, animals, and the planet, and empowers them to advocate for systemic change in their communities. Our approach is designed to build significant and lasting capacity for the movement to end factory farming.

How do we do it?

We believe our competence must be as fierce as our compassion.

To amplify our impact through collective action, we call people in rather than out, always striving to see beyond our egos to meet others where they’re at rather than treat them like they should already be where we are.

Because we care deeply about each other and our mission, we elevate accountability, openly addressing issues with honesty and directness and holding ourselves to a standard no lower than excellence.

We recognize that we don’t have all the answers and will listen to others, including those we believe we disagree with, to grow as individuals and as an organization.

The magnitude of the systemic change we’re aiming for requires readiness to adapt. As circumstances and information around us shift, we update our approach.

Last but not least, we genuinely enjoy our co-workers and have fun despite the tragic nature of what we’re up against. (Check out our Rotten Truth series on YouTube to see how we use humor to grapple with the grim reality of factory farming.)

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