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Lead Educator

Factory Farming Awareness Coalition

Factory Farming Awareness Coalition


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About the Role

As a lead educator at FFAC, you’ll empower thousands of high school and college students each year with the know-how to make more sustainable, compassionate food choices. You’ll engage them in deep discussions about the impacts of factory farming on animals, people, and the planet and inspire future leaders among them to join FFAC’s Advocacy Institute. During the summer, you’ll work with the students in our Advocacy Institute to equip them with the tools they’ll use to dismantle the system. Throughout the year, you’ll build advocacy networks in your region by hosting meetups and social events (for teachers, students, and program alumni) and supporting your students in doing the same. In various turns, you will wear the hats of facilitator, coach, mentor, network weaver, and ecosystem builder.

About the Organisation

FFAC is a growing nonprofit that educates people across the country on factory farming’s devastating impacts on people, animals, and the planet, and empowers them to advocate for systemic change in their communities. Our approach is designed to build significant and lasting capacity for the movement to end factory farming.

How do we do it?

We believe our competence must be as fierce as our compassion.

To amplify our impact through collective action, we call people in rather than out, always striving to see beyond our egos to meet others where they’re at rather than treat them like they should already be where we are.

Because we care deeply about each other and our mission, we elevate accountability, openly addressing issues with honesty and directness and holding ourselves to a standard no lower than excellence.

We recognize that we don’t have all the answers and will listen to others, including those we believe we disagree with, to grow as individuals and as an organization.

The magnitude of the systemic change we’re aiming for requires readiness to adapt. As circumstances and information around us shift, we update our approach.

Last but not least, we genuinely enjoy our co-workers and have fun despite the tragic nature of what we’re up against. (Check out our Rotten Truth series on YouTube to see how we use humor to grapple with the grim reality of factory farming.)

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