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Senior Trade and Animal Welfare Programme Officer

Eurogroup for Animals

Eurogroup for Animals


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About the Role

Global Job responsibility:
The Senior Trade and Animal Welfare Programme Officer ‘s focus is
to ensure that EU trade policy does not hinder progress for animals,
and even drives higher welfare in the EU and globally (this would
also cover trade aspects of EU Animal Welfare (AW) legislation, AW
in sustainability-related legislation, WTO work). The Senior Trade
Programme Officer has extensive experience in EU trade affairs, a
strategic and analytical mind-set and a passion for animal protection.

The Trade and Animal Welfare Programme
Eurogroup for Animals has worked on the impact of the EU’s trading
relations on animal welfare worldwide for over a decade. In 2019 they
were able to reinforce their work with additional project funding, growing
it to a team of three full-time positions. The position of Senior Trade
Programme Officer has become vacant owing to internal staff movement.
From 2023 the three members of the Trade Programme Team will operate
as a self-managing team, falling under the Political Affairs Manager.

The Senior Trade Programme Officer is responsible, together with the other
two members of the team, for the substance of the Trade and Animal Welfare
Programme that forms part of the Political Affairs Team. S/he will build on
existing policy work and further develops it to engage with EU trade policy
decision makers and EU trade negotiators to effectively argue the cause of
animal welfare. The Senior Trade Programme Officer works to streamline
international trade issues within Eurogroup’s overall advocacy portfolio.

About the Organisation

The Eurogroup for Animals challenges decision-makers and delivers political advocacy campaigns at the EU level to improve the protection of animal wellbeing. They aim to influence EU law and achieve better legislation, standards, enforcement, and societal attitudes through a community of animal protection organisations.

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