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Political Adviser

Eurogroup for Animals

Eurogroup for Animals


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About the Role

The tasks of the Political Adviser are: 
* Contributing to deliver key outcomes throughout the European Commission’s legislative review, specifically in relation to the welfare of animals kept and used for commercial purposes, during their transport and slaughter;
* Working with institutional stakeholders in the European Commission, European Parliament, Council and build alliances around our advocacy objectives;
* Produce advocacy arguments to shape key debates on farm animal welfare, notably on chicken and fish welfare; 
* Involving and engaging Eurogroup for Animals’ community of members to maximise pressure on institutional stakeholders;
* Providing institutional stakeholders with scientific advice and tailored policy solutions, whilst engineering and exploiting innovative opportunities to further our goals wherever possible;
* Shape political calls, communications and campaigns as well as voting recommendations and legislative mapping (identifying opportunities and threats);
* Draft oral/written questions, lobby briefs, letters and items for advocacy purposes;
* Maintain current knowledge of relevant EU-level policy decisions in the EU institutions and report regularly to the Eurogroup team and Member Organisations;
* Act as a representative for Eurogroup for Animals at political events, as needed.

Skills and Qualifications
* A degree in political science, law or similar;
* Preferred: background in animal advocacy/science;
* Demonstrable knowledge and experience of EU public affairs, including in-depth knowledge of EU policy making and influencing processes;
* Well-organised and focused on concrete results and deliverables;
* Analytical skills;
* Flexible and pragmatic;
* Computer literacy;
* Excellent communication skills;
* Strong written English;
* Ability to write clear and concise reports;
* Demonstrable advocacy skills and knowledge;
* Good ability of working as team member and independently.

About the Organisation

The Eurogroup for Animals challenges decision-makers and delivers political advocacy campaigns at the EU level to improve the protection of animal wellbeing. They aim to influence EU law and achieve better legislation, standards, enforcement, and societal attitudes through a community of animal protection organisations.

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