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About the Role

With an impressive track record in in less than 5 years of life, Equalia has positively impacted 126 million animals, secured commitments from 45 companies, launched undercover investigations with global media outreach, pioneered the fish welfare discussion in Spain and managed to get Spain been the first EU country with a legislation on mandatory CCTV in all slaughterhouses. If you are aligned with making data-driven decisions and interested in positively impacting the greatest number of animals in factory farms, you will have a unique opportunity to use your skills to help found Equalia's first Board of Directors. 
Board members will provide evaluation of the overall performance of the organization, i.e.: financial and legal soundness, legal and HR policy compliance, ED performance, risk mitigation, ethical compliance with values, and fundraising.
We are seeking board members with a strong commitment to alleviating conditions for animals in factory farming by contributing their time, resources, energy and expertise in the service of the organization.
We have specific needs for candidates with experience in leadership, financial, scaling nonprofits and general management.

We are especially excited to see applications from those with management experience, finance skills, and prior nonprofit board experience, offering a maximum of 5 board positions. Board officers include a Board Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

About the role/responsibilities
Key responsibilities include:
* Attend three board meetings per year.
* Agree to a three-year board term, with the possibility of renewal for a second 3-year term.
* Be familiar with the organization's mission, vision, strategic plan, animal welfare programs and organizational culture.
* Comply, with strict adherence, to the culture of the organization through its values, as well as follow Equalia's mission.
* Fundraise on behalf of the organization and/or assist in securing adequate financial resources.
* Review and approve the annual budget and strategic plan.
* Avoid conflicts of interest.
* Conduct appropriate annual evaluations of the Executive Director.
* Serve as an agent to keep the Executive Director accountable for his/her performance.
* Actively contribute to the strategic direction of the organization.
* Participate in the recruitment process of other board members.
* Fluency in Spanish.
* Demonstrated commitment to Equalia's mission and goals.
* Commitment to enhance the public reputation of the organization.
* Strong leadership and planning skills.
* Analytical and decision-making skills.
* Ability to organize and work collaboratively with other board members, staff, consultants and volunteer staff.
* Willingness to set aside conventional beliefs and wisdom while gathering the facts and information needed to make more informed decisions, using new facts to update practices.

Additional Qualifications
* Experience serving on a nonprofit board.
* Experience in finance and budgeting.
* Executive experience at a fast-growing, mid-sized nonprofit organization.

About the Organisation

Equalia is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the living conditions of animals destined for consumption with the lowest standards of animal welfare.

Our mission is to achieve agreements with companies, institutions and stakeholders that positively impact the greatest possible number of animals.

Our vision is a world where intensive animal farming and intensive aquaculture makes way to food production models that respect animal welfare.

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