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Senior Policy Analyst (International Climate Policy)

Environmental Investigation Agency US

Environmental Investigation Agency US

United States (Washington, DC)

Government, policy, lobbying, or legal







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About the Role

EIA is seeking a talented and experienced Senior Policy Analyst to join our Climate Campaign’s efforts to work closely with the Climate Team to shape and advocate for effective climate policy with a specific focus on international engagement toward mitigating ozone depleting fluorinated chemicals and non-CO2 greenhouse gasses, including hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) used in the cooling sector. EIA’s Climate Campaign utilizes research, analysis, and investigations to engage at the international, national, and sub-national levels to drive policy change and corporate accountability.

The ideal candidate will bring significant experience working in the international climate and environmental policy sphere, and will have a deep understanding of climate science, international climate regimes and frameworks, and diplomatic processes, along with a proven track record of engaging with international climate negotiations and policy implementation. Why this role? As a Senior Policy Analyst, you could:
- Conduct research on the climate impact of animal agriculture and the benefits of plant-based foods
- Advocate for policies that incentivize plant-based agriculture and disincentivize industrial animal farming
- Engage with stakeholders like policymakers, businesses, and NGOs to drive this agenda
- Represent EIA at climate negotiations to push for addressing animal agriculture as part of climate solutions
Your strong background in climate policy, international negotiations, and advocacy would be very valuable in elevating this issue and pushing for systemic change in the food system to mitigate climate change. The role's focus on non-CO2 greenhouse gases like methane from livestock is also directly relevant.

About the Organisation

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) is a 501(c)(3) independent, international, non-profit advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C. with a proven record of triggering and affecting systemic change to protect the Earth’s environment. For more than three decades, EIA has established a unique paradigm of methods to drive change – including pioneering the use of undercover investigative techniques to expose environmental crime and drive impact. These crimes include illegal trade in endangered wildlife, illegal logging and associated trade in illegal timber, and environmental violations in the extractives sector,and the trade in both climate-damaging and ozone-layer-depleting gasses.

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