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End Animal Cruelty

End Animal Cruelty

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About the Role

In support of the Yes On IP3 campaign, End Animal Cruelty is excited to be hiring Temporary Full-Time and Part-Time Petition Circulators. IP3 is a proposed ballot initiative for the Oregon 2024 General Election that seeks to criminalize the intentional injuring, killing, impregnating, and masturbating of animals statewide. Qualifying for the ballot would be a historic moment in the history of the animal rights movement. This would represent the first time that the general public had an opportunity to vote on whether society should move away from animal exploitation and put an end to systemic and state-sanctioned cruelty against animals once and for all. Both Full-Time and Part-Time Petition Circulator positions will run until October 22nd 2023, and will be paid at $19.38/hr. Applicants do not need to be residents of Oregon, registered to vote, or old enough to vote, but must be able to work within the Portland Metro Areas.

About the Organisation

End Animal Cruelty is a 501(c)(4) non-profit that engages in education and advocacy in support of ballot initiatives and other legislative activities aimed at extending animal cruelty protections to all animals, including farmed animals, wild animals, and those exploited for research and recreation, who are currently exempt from state and federal cruelty laws.

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