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Senior UK Campaigns Manager

Compassion in World Farming UK

Compassion in World Farming UK

United Kingdom, Godalming HQ

Campaigns, corporate engagement, or volunteer management







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About the Role

As part of this exciting role, you will be responsible for successfully planning and delivering our UK campaigns. You’ll achieve this by leading a dedicated team to develop integrated strategies across multiple areas, managing campaign budgets and coordinating political and public engagement efforts. As part of this role you will help to foster partnerships with key stakeholders, align strategies with international counterparts and oversee digital campaigning. 
Duties and responsibilities for this role include, but are not limited to: 
* Take responsibility for the successful planning and delivery of our UK campaigns
* Lead the development of integrated campaign strategies with a core team of dedicated staff of media, policy, business engagement and fundraising colleagues
* Build new, high impact campaigns, identifying the campaign resource needs across policy, advocacy and communications teams
* Manage campaign budgets
* Accountable for the delivery of coordinated, complex political and public engagement strategies
* Identify and build trusting relationships with key delivery partners and external stakeholders
* Work closely with the Head of UK to align campaign strategies and coordinate internationally
* Supervise and support a Digital Campaigner to deliver impactful communications driving high engagement from our supporters and the public by gathering insights and continuous testing and revitalization of communications
* Use insights to ensure campaign tactics and messages are audience and insights led
* Act as media spokesperson for Compassion as required for campaign work
* Represent Compassion UK in internal and external campaign meetings 
* Commission and manage external suppliers as needed
* Ensure key teams in Compassion are briefed on campaign activities and the latest developments
* Identify and fill gaps in internal resource to deliver campaigns and advocacy

About the Organisation

Compassion in World Farming is the leading campaigning organisation for global farm animal welfare. We campaign to end factory farming worldwide, and are a growing a movement of people who work with us to influence a fair transition towards a more regenerative, climate and nature-friend agricultural future. Our hard hitting campaigns aim to influence governments, and economic stakeholders to make changes to the business as usual approach to how we produce and consume our food, whilst reducing animals in the system, and influencing food producers and retailers to reach the highest standards of animal welfare for farmed animals.

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