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Charity Entrepreneurship

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About the Role

We are looking for a new Programs Officer who can help us scale by making a large contribution to our Programs Department which creates program content, project manages and implements our programs and leads their continuous improvement. As our first Programs Officer hire, this individual will have the opportunity to have a large impact on the success of our programs.

Our programs

How our programs overlap:
Both our Charity and Foundation Programs run for a little over two months and involve training participants on the decision-making skills and best practices needed to maximize their impact, including, but not limited to: cause prioritization, strategic decision-making, cost-effectiveness analysis, monitoring & evaluation, creating or evaluating theories of change, operations, and hiring & managing people.
How our programs differ:
Our two programs focus on the execution and funding sides of the non-profit sector respectively. Our Charity Incubation Program helps to match our very talented incubatees with a charity idea, a co-founder and seed funding so that they can start a highly impactful charity. Our Foundation Incubation Program on the other hand supports participants as they make the key decisions that will determine their future impact: What is your grantmaking scope, structure and strategy? What is your process for vetting people and grants? By enabling participants to reach more thoughtful answers to these questions, that make use of their comparative advantages, this program leads to large amounts of charitable funds being deployed more impactfully, and the overall charity grantmaking space to be more coordinated and diversified.
Why this role is impactful:
Our Research department develops the charity ideas that our incubatees go on to found, our Recruitment department ensures that we find the best, brightest and most altruistic participants for our programs, and our Programs department actually delivers the training that enables participants to have a massive positive impact afterwards. Without our first Programs Officer hire, we’ll be unable to scale from one to three programs each year and to continue to improve our program quality, which would significantly limit the impact that Charity Entrepreneurship can have in the world.

Key Responsibilities:

Specific responsibilities will partly depend on the successful applicant’s skills and interests, and will include a combination of the following:
* Project management (including both the preparation and implementation) of our programs. There are a lot of moving parts!

* Creating and improving program content, including:
* Creating written content for both the training programs and our forthcoming Foundation Handbook,
* Creating video lectures,
* Designing projects for participants to complete to hone their decision-making skills,
* Designing interactive activities (e.g. a debate about or recommended charity ideas, or a grantmaking simulation),
* Identifying gaps in our curriculum based on the real world challenges faced by new charities and foundations and designing interesting and instructive content to fill those gaps,
* Evaluating our suite of readings, videos, projects and discussions to:
* Update the sequencing to maximize the learning and enjoyment of participants,
* Identify the weakest content that can be replaced,
* Identify the strongest content that we should double down on.

* Helping to run the programs, which may involve:
* Facilitating activities with the charity founders and/or participating foundations, both remotely and in person,
* Providing feedback on their project work,
* Moderating group discussions of course content,
* Mentoring program participants in 1:1 calls.

* Writing, editing and/or project managing our forthcoming handbook: ‘How to Launch a High-Impact Foundation’ which will be published for use in our programs and to positively influence philanthropy more broadly.

* Continuous improvement: Leading the process of assessing our performance after each program and collating the feedback of participants and CE staff to prioritize improvements for the next iteration.

* Systematizing our programs for robustness and efficiency: Creating and documenting systems so that the process of preparing for and running our programs becomes faster, more efficient and easier to teach to new team members.

* Shaping our programs’ future direction: How do we scale our programs’ impact 10x?

The team
The Programs department at Charity Entrepreneurship is new. To begin with, it will consist of the Director of Programs, two Programs Officers (to be hired) and a Copywriter. Eventually there will be scope for Program Officers to specialize, either by program (Charity vs. Foundation) or function (project management vs. content development).

Scope for advancement: The current Director of Programs is likely to enter the Incubation Program to co-found a charity in early 2024. If this happens, we will need a replacement, and a high-performing, senior member of the Programs Department would be a natural contender for this role.

What we offer

* Most of all: A job that has a huge tangible impact on the world - the program you create will help new charities to have maximum impact through their operations and foundations to have maximum impact with their grants
* High levels of challenge and learning on the job in a widely useful set of skills, including grantmaking and cross-applicable communication skills 
* True start-up culture, including flat hierarchies and low bureaucracy
* An informal, fun, and supportive work environment
* Become a part of a diverse, dedicated, close-knit team of 16 EAs
* Plenty of opportunities for learning and growth across all topics relevant to operating or funding effective nonprofits
* Build your network among CE’s vibrant community of highly talented and dedicated EAs, including the 23 charities we have launched so far
* Experience working with a number of new and established foundations

Perks and benefits
* Flexible working schedule and 30 paid days off per year
* 5-10% of work time and dedicated budget of £500 for personal development and learning (plus lots of learning on the job)
* 50% reimbursement of IT and costs of strategies you find useful for increasing your productivity up to £500 a year
* Salary and moving costs to London are flexible depending on employee needs and fall between $40-60k USD 
* For an outstanding candidate, more perks and benefits could be included
* Title can be adapted depending on experience and concrete responsibilities

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