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Director of Outreach

Charity Entrepreneurship

Charity Entrepreneurship

United Kingdom or Worldwide


Marketing or communications







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About the Role

To find the next charity entrepreneurs for our Charity Incubation Program (and candidates for our new programs), we seek a Director of Outreach to manage and run a team that creates and maintains talent pipelines online and in person.

As we scale up, one of our biggest bottlenecks is finding highly talented, value-aligned people to apply to our program, receive training, and then launch the top charity ideas our research team has found.

Right now, most of our qualified and impactful candidates come from the Effective Altruism (EA) community – therefore, this will be one key focus area for the Director of Outreach (e.g. talks at different EA conferences around the world, connecting with EA university groups, and helping audiences determine whether nonprofit entrepreneurship is a good fit for them). In saying this, the Director of Outreach will also be responsible for developing a plan for diversifying our sources of program participants to ensure a more robust and sustainable talent pipeline.

We have also found that domain expert communities and cause area communities often yield great candidates. For example, a professional working on alcohol regulation might be able to found an evidence-based alcohol policy organisation lobbying for alcohol taxation, or an animal rights activist might be able to found a great charity working on chicken feed fortification to reduce suffering in factory farms on a grand scale (these are true stories from our 2021 Incubation Program).

About the Organisation

Charity Entrepreneurship is a growing non-profit incubator that launches multiple high-impact charities every year through our incubation programs. We are currently scaling from running one program per year to three (or more): 2x our classic Charity Incubation Program, and 1x our new Foundation Incubation Program tailored to helping individuals who are launching new foundations set them up for maximum impact.

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