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Member of Board of Directors

Casa Vegana

Casa Vegana










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About the Role

Casa Vegana (CV) is seeking board members who are enthusiastic about our current projects and have ideas for expanding our services. Casa Vegana is a grassroots nonprofit. Board engagement is critical, on the ground and/or as a trusted and significant source of strategic management and leadership. We ask our board members to actively participate in program development and implementation and provide clear mission-based leadership.

As a board member, you can expect to participate in the following:
* Overseeing and regularly assessing CV's programs and executive team.
* Developing and implementing CV's strategic plan and ensuring programs and projects align with the organization's goals and vision.
* Reviewing key metrics and performance indicators collected by the team to ensure we effectively carry out the mission.
* Board meetings. This entails regular attendance, reading board agendas and supporting materials, and approving board minutes. Board meetings are held monthly and online.
* Approving CV's annual budget and taking fiduciary responsibility.
* Identifying and recruiting other board members and volunteers.
* Ensuring CV's commitment to a diverse board and staff that reflects our values and the community we serve.
* Representing CV to stakeholders and acting as an ambassador for the organization.

About the Organisation

Founded in 2018, Casa Vegana is the leading vegan education, outreach and advocacy organization in Puerto Rico, as well as a resource center on veganism for the Spanish-speaking world at large. We participate in and offer online and community events to educate on veganism, and to support and facilitate relationships.

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