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Food Scientist | Alt protein

BioInnovation Institute

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About the Role

You will be part of a bioengineering project called Yummowia. The project has the ambition to create a new level of truly delicious, super-nutritious, and affordable meat alternatives using engineered mycoprotein, that can be produced without negatively impacting the planet or the people and animals living on it. Yummowia is dedicated to creating new products within the field of alternative protein with the potential to be impactful and globally accessible. Using bioengineering opens up unprecedented opportunities and will result in the creation of a whole new category of meat alternatives that is to truly rival or even surpass conventional meat products. 

Your role is based in an early-stage research-driven team dedicated to discovering and developing holistically engineered mycoprotein-based meat alternatives.  
The team consists of experienced scientists and research assistants, all excited to make a difference by developing novel meat alternatives.  

Your ownership of our mutual journey will be to:
* Develop a deep understanding of flavor and flavor-formation to guide and inform the strain development of genetically engineered mycoprotein. 
* Form integral part of the development cycle to analyze and improve strains and associated food products using LCMS and GCMS based methods.
* Develop and evaluate food products.
* Complement the strain engineering team with analysis and insight.
* Develop new analysis methods.
* Design, run, and analyze flavor experiments. 
* Run and maintain LC-MS / GC-MS equipment. 
* Improve product formulation and develop novel meat alternatives.
* Arrange sensory analysis sessions.  
You and your team strive to have…  
* Established relevant LC-MS and GC-MS based analytical methods.  
* Analyzed strains developed by the strain engineering team 
* Formulated new potential food products using engineered mycoprotein. 
As a part of a small community with close ties and bright minds, you should be prepared for many cross-functional tasks and inspiring discussions that can help shape your work at BII.

Your Professional & Personal Spirit 
You should be eager to work with protein alternatives in a fast-paced, innovative, and inspiring environment. 
You have:
* PhD in food science or another relevant field
* 0-2 years of experience post PhD
* Experience with LC-MS and GC-MS analysis.
* Solid understanding of flavors, off-flavors, and flavor formation. 
* Ability to work independently, to plan and carry out complicated research tasks, and to report results in oral and written forms.
* Excellent communication skills, fluent written and oral scientific English.
* Well-organized, efficient, result-oriented, have excellent record-keeping abilities.
* Strong understanding of nutrition is appreciated. 
You see yourself as an impact-driven team spirit with excellent interpersonal skills, and besides your passion for the field, you strive to be flexible and adaptable. 

Your Experience Working at BII 
We offer a committed and professional workplace in which we emphasize ensuring that our colleagues thrive, are challenged, and have opportunities to develop their potential. A career at BII allows you to work with world-leading entrepreneurial scientists in a position where you will have a substantial chance to impact your job and the opportunity to develop your bio entrepreneurial skills. 
BII invites you to become part of a vibrant and professional workplace with a chance to bring ideas to life and science to market for the benefit of society and human welfare. 

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