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Entrepreneur in Residence

BioInnovation Institute

BioInnovation Institute


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About the Role

BII aims to recruit a strong project team for each Bio Studio project, and it is expected that this team will form the core of the future start-up deriving from the project. Apart from establishing a solid Project Team to be headed up by an EiR, BII provides a comprehensive network of industry, investors, and subject matter experts to support the projects.

Your Opportunity to Join BII’s Bio Studio Program!
As EiR in Bio Studio, you will be a key player in ensuring the program projects are ready to become independent companies, working hands-on with them on both strategic and operational tasks. The projects will enter Bio Studio at research stage, so you will have responsibility for identifying and employing a business development strategy and business plan for each and supporting them in the implementation of these.

We expect to start up to five projects yearly in Bio Studio, each employing scientific teams of three to four persons. You will play a key role in ensuring the teams are coherent, highly motivated, and capable, in addition to proactively seeking expertise from stakeholders within BII and externally to further support the teams.

Your ownership of our mutual journey will be to:
* Ownership of two Bio Studio projects
* Translating life science research projects into a viable impact-driven start-ups.
* Be responsible for company building, including all non-scientific matters relating to the transitional process, as well as preparing strategies and plans for business development of the initial stages of the start-up.
* Manage the non-scientific side of project development.
* Conduct customer/consumer surveys.
* Fundraising
* Ensure team cohesion and high morale.
Throughout your role, you will...
* Raise funds (non-dilutive and eventually an investment for the start-up ).
* Elucidate customer/consumer needs and preferences.
* Formulate business plans
* Formulate strategies relating to regulatory approval, IP, branding, scale-up, production, etc.
Your daily work and well-being will be shared directly with the CIO, but as a small community with close ties and bright minds, you should be prepared for many cross-functional and inspiring discussions that can help shape your work at BII.

Your Professional & Personal Spirit
As EiR you see yourself as not only a natural leader but also someone who strives ‘for the top’. High standards and goals are something you are very familiar with, as well as being well-organized, result-oriented, and having excellent record-keeping abilities.
Besides this, you have:
* An educational background such as an MBA or similar
* Solid business development experience
* Experience with management as well as leading teams
* Project management skills
* Fundraising experience
* Experience with scaling small organizations
* Exceptional communication skills, both while presenting and during interpersonal communication. Fluency in written and oral scientific English
You have a team spirit with excellent interpersonal skills and can motivate yourself just as well as your team. You are not only impact-driven, but also proactive and someone who takes initiative. Your skills in flexibility and adaptability will be an advantage for you as you will be working in a changing environment.

Your Experience Working at BII
We offer a committed and professional workplace in which we emphasize that our colleagues thrive, are challenged, and have opportunities to develop their potential. A career at BII allows you to work with world-leading entrepreneurial scientists in a position where you will have a substantial chance to impact your job and the opportunity to develop your bio entrepreneurial skills.

BII invites you to become part of a vibrant and professional workplace with a chance to bring ideas to life and science to market for the benefit of society and human welfare.

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