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Ark Biotech

Ark Biotech

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About the Role

We are pleased to open internship opportunities on the Automation Team for the spring and summer of 2024. Automation has many responsibilities at Ark. First and foremost - we are responsible for the core control system that runs our handsome & unique bioreactor. Practically this is a combination of codesys automation code that runs on the Opto22 PLC, and a human machine interface (HMI) designed and served using Ignition from Inductive Automation. The automation code is what runs the reactor. The front end is what we use to control the process and see how it’s doing in real time. We are lucky to have active cell culture processes running on site here at The Engine in Cambridge, MA and with clients around the world so there is plenty of relevant feedback to guide our development as we continually improve our systems.

Our team works closely with Rapid Prototyping, Process Science, and Data as together we physically build the reactor, run it, and feed the live data into modeling and simulation environments that generate insight and eventually predictive control. This work happens quickly and effectively due to the high level of agency and initiative that is expressed by every team member on a daily basis.

We are looking for interns to join our automation team and help us expand and improve the existing functionality of our control systems. This will include writing code in the IEC 61131-3 languages commonly used within industrial systems, integration of new components such as sensors / valves / pumps / motors / balances, design of new front end graphics within Ignition, and expansion of the cloud API to better communicate with our data systems.

About the Organisation

Ark Biotech is powering the most important infrastructure buildout of this generation to transform how people consume protein. Ark is a B2B company engineering and designing next-generation production systems for the cultivated meat industry. We are a venture-backed startup driven by a desire to create a better food system for the planet and its inhabitants. At Ark, you will have the opportunity to solve difficult problems that matter and apply cutting-edge engineering and science in an environment that rewards creativity and visionary approaches.

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