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Aquatic Life Institute

Aquatic Life Institute









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About the Role

Our board members are instrumental in steering and championing our organization's mission to reduce the suffering of trillions of aquatic animals exploited by the aquaculture and fishing industries. We seek dedicated individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets who are ready to leverage their expertise, time, and energy to advance our cause, eagerly participating in supporting our team with mission-driven leadership.

Board members’ responsibilities include:

Providing periodic guidance on strategic objectives of the organization, and supporting the achievement of said goals

Supporting in legal and ethical governance of the organization

Reviewing strategic plans, budgets and assisting and advising in financial oversight

Providing feedback and annual evaluation to the Managing Director

Aligning and communicating with Managing Director and other board members on strategic and organizational matters

Having availability for quarterly virtual board meetings, and 2 - 5 hours per month on slack and email communications related to ALI

We are looking for individuals to commit to this position for a minimum term of 1 year, ideally 2 years.

We are especially interested in having a diverse board, and would welcome individuals from different backgrounds and geographies, which can include, but are not limited to, the animal protection movement, conservation movement, academia and research, policy work, legal, leadership and human resources, or any related fields.

It is important to note that this is a volunteer position, which would not receive monetary compensation.

Strong candidates will be short listed, then interviews will be conducted. The approximate start date is February 2024, or until suitable candidates are selected.

About the Organisation

We research and advise on aquatic animal welfare. Operating from effective altruism principles, ALI seeks to support and accelerate activities that positively impact aquatic life, focusing on the highest-impact welfare interventions for all aquatic animals on a global scale.

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