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Public Research & Testing - Qualitative Lead

Animal Think Tank

Animal Think Tank

United Kingdom

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About the Role

Role Purpose

Leading qualitative public research and testing studies, as well as collaborating with others in the Narrative Research team on quantitative studies, to determine the most persuasive messaging frames, metaphors and narratives that can help build public support for Animal Freedom.

About the Role

This is a key role that will be contributing to Animal Think Tank’s long-term narrative research project, which is focused on developing more effective and strategic communication tools that can be used by the Animal Freedom movement.

About the Narrative Research Project

We believe that a big part of social and political change is narrative change – helping to change the dominant cultural narratives we’re surrounded by. We’re inspired by other freedom movements and campaigns that have successfully changed dominant narratives to help bring about real-world change, such as the Freedom to Marry campaign, which helped win same-sex marriage in all 50 US states in just 12 years.

We also believe that for this project to be successful, we need to collaborate with as many different groups and organisations within the Animal Freedom movement as possible, to share our research, knowledge and insights. As well as conducting and sharing our own independent research, we are also collaborating with others already focused on this work, and you will help us continue to build this network of researchers and collaborators.

About the Organisation

In 2018, three people from diverse backgrounds came together, driven by the realisation that there was a vital piece missing in the Animal Freedom movement—a unified social movement powerful enough to last as long as it takes for Animal Freedom to become a reality.

Since Animal Think Tank launched, we’ve trained hundreds of change–makers in workshops in the UK, the US and Canada. We also helped launch Animal Rebellion (an initiative of one of our original co–founders) as a partner to Extinction Rebellion, which successfully highlighted the urgent issue of farming animals within the environmental movement.

Right now, we’re in the process of scaling up to a team of 25+ people and preparing to launch an organised movement for Animal Freedom in the UK.

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