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Movement Building Lead

Animal Think Tank

Animal Think Tank

United Kingdom

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About the Role

Within our Social Movement Operations team, you will work with a group of fellow organisers to enable everyday people to campaign and form groups that build power for animals in their communities.

This Lancaster-based role aims to lead the work of building the social movement that will shift how people all over the UK take action for Animal Freedom.

Our Community Organisers draw primarily on the work of Marshall Ganz and the Ayni Institute to build a movement inspired by past efforts like the Civil Rights and Indian Independence movements.

About the Organisation

In 2018, three people from diverse backgrounds came together, driven by the realisation that there was a vital piece missing in the Animal Freedom movement—a unified social movement powerful enough to last as long as it takes for Animal Freedom to become a reality.

Since Animal Think Tank launched, we’ve trained hundreds of change–makers in workshops in the UK, the US and Canada. We also helped launch Animal Rebellion (an initiative of one of our original co–founders) as a partner to Extinction Rebellion, which successfully highlighted the urgent issue of farming animals within the environmental movement.

Right now, we’re in the process of scaling up to a team of 25+ people and preparing to launch an organised movement for Animal Freedom in the UK.

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