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Chief Inspiration Officer

Animal Think Tank

Animal Think Tank

United Kingdom


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Senior management

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About the Role

Role Purpose

Coordinate Animal Think Tank’s core team’s capacity to build a network of local grassroots groups campaigning for Animal Freedom.

Who we are looking for

This role is about building a team that can deliver our organisational vision of a network of grassroots campaigning groups. Your key role will be to lead our core team to build a powerful, resilient and broad-based Social Movement. You will be committed to our mission, align with and model our values, and have the attributes required to coordinate a large, complex project.

We value humility, courage, effectiveness, building shared power, and love towards others. Our team is rewarding to work with, applies discipline, and has a strong work ethic. We don’t want action without strategy, aptitude without care, or passion without discipline. The animals need a high-calibre team, an ambitious strategy, a mass movement, and personal fortitude to see it through.

Leading towards Animal Freedom will require: a high degree of personal dedication; fearlessly confronting our adversaries; staying calm whilst others lose their cool; being on the frontline of protests; and a disciplined commitment to nonviolence.

About the Organisation

In 2018, three people from diverse backgrounds came together, driven by the realisation that there was a vital piece missing in the Animal Freedom movement—a unified social movement powerful enough to last as long as it takes for Animal Freedom to become a reality.

Since Animal Think Tank launched, we’ve trained hundreds of change–makers in workshops in the UK, the US and Canada. We also helped launch Animal Rebellion (an initiative of one of our original co–founders) as a partner to Extinction Rebellion, which successfully highlighted the urgent issue of farming animals within the environmental movement.

Right now, we’re in the process of scaling up to a team of 25+ people and preparing to launch an organised movement for Animal Freedom in the UK.

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