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Farm Transitions Program Director & Consultant

Animal Outlook

Animal Outlook


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About the Role

* Terms of employment: Full-time, Exempt
* Reports to: Executive Director
* Supervises: N/A
* Location: Remote, Los Angeles, or Washington, DC 
* Benefits: Remote work, flexible hours, health benefits, room for advancement into Senior Director of Farm Transformations Program with AO
Salary: $75,000-80,000 plus benefits. Depending on experience.

Animal Outlook is seeking a Director for their Farm Transitions Program that will utilize AO’s existing transitions blueprint to find farmers to transition and bring them through the process of transitioning out of animal farming and into plant farming. This position will rely heavily on communication with farmers, food-industry leaders, advocates, agricultural professionals, and governmental entities in building targeted resources for farmers to effectuate transitions from animal agriculture. While this is an AO position, the Director will spend some of their time in collaboration with Miyoko’s Creamery’s Dairy Farm Transition Program and sustainability efforts.

This role will continue the identification of farmers suitable for AO’s Farm Transitions Program by utilizing the blueprint and effectuating transitions to ultimately be scalable and replicable, as well as overseeing these transitions and building the network and profile of the program.

Primary Responsibilities:
* Execute and facilitate transitions of animal farmers to plant-based operations through execution of AO’s proprietary 36-step blueprint for conversions. Task areas include:
* Making connections with and regularly communicating with farmers, landowners, and ranchers regarding strategies for transitioning enterprises from animal-based farming to plant-based farming.
* Conduct analysis (and utilize existing material) to design feasibility analysis for farm operations and ability to transition (farm ranking system). 
* Build relationships with individuals and entities outside of the animal rights movement to create a transitioning farmer support network and avenues for transition.
* Work with entities within the plant-based network to create multiple opportunities for transitioning farmers to introduce products into new markets.
* Provide insights and input into sustainability strategies and incorporate emerging opportunities and expectations of stakeholders and AO’s goals.
* Work with multiple stakeholders and industry collaborators to advance the development of plant-based options and markets for farmers and ranchers.
* Fine-tune approaches to research, design, organization, and implementation of the logistical blueprint for farm transitions.
* Develop, execute, and analyze small-scale feasibility studies for differing agricultural production systems and transitions (dairy, crops, holistic livestock management, etc.).
* Conduct needs assessments with farmers and farm entities regarding farm intervention strategies.
* Maintain, build, and oversee relationships with coalition partners, volunteers, consultants, pro bono professionals, and academics.
* Working with the Executive Director, ensure each transition can operate as a replicable model and source of research to refine strategy and assist in creating adaptable solutions (including financial models and business/project plans) for transitioning agricultural production systems, ultimately at scale, for agricultural producers.
* Partner with the marketing and internal communications teams to design and perform public-facing events that promote AO’s farm transition program.

Qualifications/Who We’re Looking for:
* Master’s degree (preferred) in Agriculture, Agricultural Sciences, Agricultural Sustainability, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Extension, Ag-Business Management, Sustainable Food Systems, Natural Resource Management, or a closely related field; candidates with B.S. degrees will also be considered.
* Strong background in agriculture, finance, program/project management, and/or agricultural consulting. 
* Experience working on and/or running a farm, including financial decision-making and problem-solving.
* Excellent communication skills and the ability to communicate with diverse audiences, including experience with independently building and leveraging extensive relationship networks.
* Familiarity with agricultural finance, agricultural loans, and lending agreements.
* Ability to create various technical documents and proficiency in scientific and technical writing.
* Knowledge of crop and food production/systems and supply chain management.
* Collaborative problem solver that can communicate well with other directors, team leads, internal & external staff, and coalitions and partnerships.
* Experience in developing and executing projects, overseeing and organizing people, project management, and ability to implement and manage multiple projects simultaneously.
* Understanding of business development concepts and entrepreneurial enterprises related to agricultural production.
* Outstanding leadership skills and a capacity to work independently and/or as part of a team to meet internal and external deadlines and goals. This includes independently identifying what needs to be done and getting those tasks completed, either directly or through leveraging networks.
* Extraordinary networking skills used to engage investors and coalition partners.
* Willingness to travel as needed.
* Remote work experience preferred.

About the Organisation

Animal Outlook is a national non-profit animal protection charity working to create a kinder world for all. As a complement to AO’s work on legal advocacy, investigations, education, outreach, and corporate campaigns, AO’s innovative Farm Transitions Program works to effectively transition farms from animal agriculture to plant-based agriculture. The Farm Transitions Program strives to address the systematic animal cruelty inherent to factory farming from the supply side by empowering farmers and providing farmers with tangible solutions and resources to facilitate an exit from animal agriculture.

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