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Corporate Outreach Specialist

Animal Equality

Animal Equality


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About the Role

Continue Animal Equality's corporate awareness work in order to encourage the major manufacturing and distribution companies in the Italian food sector to adopt significant measures aimed at protecting the animals involved in their supply chains.

Main responsibilities and tasks:
* Carry out in-depth research on food companies in each sector, evaluate their current animal welfare policies, identify the realities with the greatest potential impact on as many animals as possible;
* Stay abreast of the latest industry trends and initiatives, keeping up-to-date on mergers and acquisitions, companies expanding to other locations and diversifying their businesses, as well as any other information needed to determine the best outreach strategies;
* Study the priorities in companies' awareness work, developing contact strategies with department representatives;
* Cultivate relationships and negotiate with executives of the main food sector companies in Italy;
* Translate and adapt existing outreach materials and draft new awareness-raising materials, such as email texts, dossiers and presentations
* Maintain constant contact with companies by providing them with research, news, contacts with animal protection experts and other relevant materials, in order to lead them to adopt animal protection policies;
* Prepare and present convincing presentations to companies to lead them to adopt animal protection policies, independently or in coordination with representatives and colleagues as needed;
* Actively participate as active members of international animal protection coalitions, staying up to date on the latest advances in corporate outreach and collaborating with other groups working towards the same goals;
* Represent negotiation work with companies through networking, speaking at agricultural sector events;
* Keep track and stay on the latest animal protection technologies and standards by staying in touch with our animal welfare specialist;
* Manage work on a voluntary basis in support of negotiation activities with companies
* Evaluate and measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the initiatives carried out together with your department colleagues and superiors, proactively suggesting areas for improvement;
* Collaborate with organizations and groups working towards the same goals;
* Keep track of obtained company policies, the number of animals they have impacted, and other metrics related to obtaining company policies in order to make our work known on the website, to supporters, and to all other interested parties
* Carry out administrative tasks such as planning your trips and reporting expenses;
* Upon request, collaborate with other departments to carry out other important initiatives related to corporate awareness work;
* Assist the organization with other duties as necessary.

About the Organisation

Animal Equality is an international organization that works with society, governments and companies to end cruelty to farmed animals. Animal Equality has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and India. It has been considered one of the leading charities in recognition of its efficiency and effectiveness in helping animals.

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