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Campaigns Officer

Animal Equality

Animal Equality

United Kingdom

Campaigns, corporate engagement, or volunteer management







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About the Role

Job Title: Campaigns Officer
Terms of employment: Permanent
Position location: Remote, in the UK
Hours: Full-time, 35 hours per week
Salary: £25,000-£26,500pa
Line-manager: Executive Director
Requiring a creative, agile and proactive individual with a problem-solving approach, the Campaigns Officer will be responsible for delivering Animal Equality’s life-saving campaigns on behalf of farmed animals.

Working as part of a highly effective team, within a fast-paced environment, you will coordinate our dedicated network of digital volunteers, cultivate relationships with decision-makers and members of the public, and coordinate imaginative and effective campaigns until Animal Equality’s mission becomes a reality: a world in which animals are respected and protected.
* Executing Animal Equality's UK campaigns on a daily basis
* Proposing novel and creative campaign actions
* Stakeholder management, managing and reinforcing ongoing partnerships while forging new meaningful relationships with politicians, celebrities, academics, members of the public, and representatives within fellow animal protection organisations
* Building collaborations, coalitions and alliances that strengthen our work and that enable our campaign objectives to be met
* Maintaining our key contacts database
* Building and strengthening our digital volunteer network
* Producing training materials, updates and other necessary resources that inform and mobilise our supporters.
* Undertaking desk-based research, analysing and synthesising the latest research in relation to the animal agriculture industry, animal protection legislation and campaigning developments
* Generating media attention, thinking creatively and coming up with new campaign solutions

About the Organisation

Animal Equality is an international organization that works with society, governments and companies to end cruelty to farmed animals. Animal Equality has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and India. It has been considered one of the leading charities in recognition of its efficiency and effectiveness in helping animals.

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