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Campaigns Coordinator

Animal Equality

Animal Equality


Campaigns, corporate engagement, or volunteer management







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About the Role

Permanent position, full-time home office in Germany

In the field of campaigning  you are responsible for the development and implementation of strategies, actions and high-profile campaigns. 

* You develop effective campaign strategies and implement creative campaign ideas.
* You analyze and react to developments in agricultural policy and take on the task of establishing and maintaining contact with politicians.
* You mobilize and grow our Animal Defender network as part of campaign work. 
* You will support our colleagues in the Corporate Campaigns department, research in-depth information on companies and create analyzes as the basis for campaign content and media reports.
* You develop ideas and independently take on the implementation of smaller demos/information stands.
* You analyze and control the effectiveness and efficiency of the campaigns and derive concrete recommendations for action for future campaigns.
* You maintain press contacts and expand them further.

You have a degree in a related field , comparable professional training and at least 2 years of relevant work experience. 
* You are characterized by a high level of social competence, an absolutely professional appearance and excellent communication skills.
* Ideally, you have in-depth knowledge of animal husbandry.
* You are characterized by analytical skills and an excellent basic strategic understanding.
* You are an absolute organizational talent, manage projects independently and have a strong hands-on mentality.
* You have a flair for the right tone and the ability to motivate and convince others.
* Even in tense situations you stay calm and focused.
* You have excellent German and very good English skills. 

Animal Equality is one of the most effective farm animal welfare organizations in the world.

With locations in Germany, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Mexico, USA, Brazil and India, Animal Equality is an international organization where you work with highly motivated people who do their best every day to put an end to the horrors of the animal industry. Integrity, proactive work and the irrepressible will to achieve our goals are essential values if you want to be part of our international team. Apply now and help us help millions of animals! We look forward to you!

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