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Campaign Manager

Anima International

Anima International

United Kingdom

Campaigns, corporate engagement, or volunteer management







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About the Role

We are looking to hire a Campaign Manager to join our campaigns team whose goal is to end the sale of Frankenchickens. Arguably the largest and most severe animal welfare emergency in the country, you will help convince the UK’s largest food businesses to drastically reduce the suffering of hundreds of millions of broiler chickens.

You will help us figure out the most effective campaign strategy, come up with pressure campaign ideas and then help make them happen. You will work on projects such as investigations, media stunts, research and grassroots actions. This is not only a campaigning role: you will help us create and maintain a strong organisational culture based on effectiveness, autonomy and critical thinking.

No campaigning or leadership experience is required for this role. We are mostly interested in finding hard working people with values aligned to ours. Experience can be gained and knowledge can be learned.

About the Organisation

Anima International connects animal advocates from Poland, Denmark, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Belarus, and the UK to help reduce factory farming and accelerate progress in countries where animal protection is neglected.

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