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Head of Politics

Albert Schweitzer Foundation

Albert Schweitzer Foundation

Germany, Berlin

Government, policy, lobbying, or legal







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About the Role

As the leader of our political work, you always have in mind the goals of creating higher animal welfare standards in Germany and the EU, improving enforcement and promoting alternatives to animal products.

In detail this means:
* You carry out the strategic planning of our political work. In doing so, you anticipate and create opportunities for improvements.
* You implement the strategic planning together with our policy officer and the CEO.
* You bring with you a relevant political network and build and maintain further political contacts in Brussels and Berlin.
* You develop position papers and statements.
* You organize political events and take part in events.
* You coordinate with other NGOs and alliances.

About the Organisation

The aim of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment is to alleviate as much animal suffering as possible. We focus on eliminating factory farming, as this is by far the area where humans cause the most suffering and death.

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