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We accelerate the animal advocacy movement by providing career support and connecting talented individuals with animal organisations

Our Mission

AAC speeds up the end of unnecessary animal suffering* by matching people to roles that help animals most.​

*animal suffering which is preventable or that we believe through working on the topic is in our power to alleviate and make animals lives substantially less bad

Our Vision

Empowering animal organisations with talented individuals, driving rapid progress towards a future where animals suffer less across the world.


The animal advocacy movement is desperately in need of passionate, talented professionals to help fast forward the end of animal suffering. Recruiting the perfect fit for a role can be an arduous process, with organisations often spending months searching for the ideal candidate for some roles.


Animal Advocacy Careers (AAC) was founded in late 2019 through Charity Entrepreneurship’s incubation program, with the goal to attract top talent to the movement and empower them to make a real impact.

We strive to create a unified force that will work together towards our ultimate goal of a world where animals are free from unnecessary suffering. By capacitating animal advocacy organisations with promising individuals, we can accelerate progress towards their visions and reduce animal suffering around the globe.

AAC is not just an organisation, it's a community of people united by a shared goal, determined to change the world for animals

through our work.


Passion for Compassion

We believe in the power of compassion to drive change and inspire action. We create a positive and inclusive culture that prioritises the well-being of animals and each other.

Conscious Collaboration

We value collaboration and open communication to achieve our goals. We believe in working together (externally and internally) to achieve more than we can alone.

What We Do

We empower individuals to make a lasting impact in the fight against animal suffering

by providing high-quality career support and connect them with impactful ways to get involved in animal advocacy.

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Our Impact

Over 40 thousand people have visited our website and many have changed their career plans based on our programs.

Our Team

AAC's mission is pursued by a dedicated team of highly skilled individuals with a common mission to end unnecessary animal suffering.

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Get Involved

Find out ways in which you help us change the world for animals.

You can volunteer, advise us or donate.

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Why Do We Focus On Farmed Animals?

Animal advocacy — including everything from public activism to developing new foods that can replace animal products — can be one of the most effective ways to have a positive impact. 


We can help lots of animals for not much cost, improving their lives or sparing them from the horrors of factory farming. But that's not all; animal advocacy could be an invaluable tool for building a better society for us all in the long run


We believe that one of the most impactful ways advocates can make a difference to animals’ lives is by focusing on farmed animals or wild animals because unfortunately, these creatures are often neglected despite their immense numbers.


Our work is mostly aimed at supporting individuals and organisations who focus on farmed animal advocacy. This is the area that the majority of highly impact-focused animal advocates — those who don’t just want to help animals, but help as many animals, as much as they can — currently tend to focus on.

Frequently Asked Questions



Animal Protection Capacity Builders is a collective of member organizations that provide free and low-cost capacity building services to advocates devoted to a kinder world for animals. 

Our aim is to help other animal protection groups, organizations and activists learn about and access the array of resources that are now available to assist and guide them in their efforts - a "one-stop capacity building shop" for animal advocates who wish to form, develop, expand and improve their organization's reach and effectiveness.

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